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The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kit 1

The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kit 1

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The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kit Publisher's Description

The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kit
The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Kit


ITIL V3 is Here. Are you Ready?
Apply Benchmark Standard ITIL V3 at Your Company Today!

You are the IT Manager, or a Service Manager - your task is to keep the IT operation rolling smoothly, adding business value, managing cost, staff and tens of other major projects at the same time. A while ago you decided to go down the ITIL track to make managing it all a lot easier and structured for you. And so you did, and you have your successes.


Now&ITIL V3 comes around and everyone in your organization is looking at you to deliver even more value to the business, IT operations and all staff involved by applying ITIL V3's Service Management lifecycle principles and the EIGHT NEW PROCESSES.


You have had successes with ITIL so far, so it shouldn't be so hard for you to replicate that. Or should it?


You get hold of the ITIL V3 books, and you are staring at 2000 pages. NOW WHAT??!!!


ITIL V3 is a great collection of activities, ideas, best practices, must do's& You have a nagging feeling that you're already doing a lot of ITIL V3 lifecycle in your organization - but now idea how to clarify that, no idea how to do a gap analysis between V2 and V3 for your organization - no idea how to reap the benefits from V3.


We Can Help.

We bring you The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment - and it does all this for you: it has the basics of the Service Management processes in it, same as V2, BUT it has an extensive gap analysis in it for each of the new V3 volume that tells you exactly, in just a few hours of your time, what you're doing already and the areas where you will need to pay attention and focus your resources on.

This time-saving package will provide you with a complete overview of your ITIL V3 readiness assessment. Plus, you get excellent insight in the tips, techniques and advice you need to successfully apply ITIL V3s best practices.

You let out a sigh of relief, spend a few hours filling out the easy to follow gap analysis spreadsheets and you're on your way to V3 transition. You are confident in presenting ITIL V3 to your organization.

Try it today Risk Free and you can have a complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment customized for your company in less than a day.

Here's What You Get

In this immediate product download you will receive 6 extensive and detailed Assessment spreadsheets. One spreadsheet for each volume in the ITIL V3 set. Each assessment can be quickly filled in for up to 10 participants to align with your company's specific needs. Full instructions, along with quick tips and examples within each Readiness Assessment, will make the process clear and easy for you.

In addition to the Readiness Assessment, you will receive the 80-page eBooklet, How to Develop, Implement and Enforce ITIL V3's best practices. This easy reference will walk you through the 5 Lifecycle critical steps you need to take to create a successful portfolio of IT Services. And you will learn how to manage and refine your service portfolio as your company's business evolves.

With The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessments, you can put any or all of the assessments to work in your company:

1.      ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment Overview
174 Readiness Assessment areas that provide a high level quick overview of your ITIL V3 readiness

2.      ITIL Service Strategy Readiness Assessment
130 Detailed Service Strategy Readiness Assessment areas
Service Strategy offers a view of ITIL that aligns business and IT so that each brings out the best in the other. It ensures that every stage of the service lifecycle stays focused on the business case and relates to all the companion process elements that follow. Includes:
* Service Management strategy and value planning
* Linking business plans and directions to IT service strategy
* Planning and implementing service strategy

3.      ITIL Service Design Readiness Assessment
219 Detailed Service Design Readiness Assessment areas
In order to meet the current and future business requirements, Service Design provides guidance on the production and maintenance of IT policies, architectures, and documents for the design of appropriate and innovative IT services solutions and processes. Includes:
* Service design objectives and elements
* Selecting the service design model
* Cost model
* Benefit/risk analysis
* Implementing service design
* Measurement and control

4.      ITIL Service Transition Readiness Assessment
206 Detailed Service Transition Readiness Assessment areas
Service Transition focuses on the broader, long-term change management role and release practices, so that risks, benefits, delivery mechanism and the ease of ongoing operations of service are considered. This provides guidance and process activities for the transition of services into the business environment. Includes:
* Managing organizational and cultural change
* Knowledge management
* Service knowledge management system
* Methods, practices and tools
* Measurement and control
* Companion best practices

5.      ITIL Service Operation Readiness Assessment
254 Detailed Service Operation Readiness Assessment areas
By focusing on delivery and control process activities, a highly desirable, steady state of managing services can be achieved on a day-to-day basis. To ensure it is integrated with the rest of the ITIL library, guidance is based on a selection of familiar service support and service delivery control points. Includes:
* Application Management
* Change Management
* Operations Management
* Control processes and functions
* Scaleable practices
* Measurement and control

6.      ITIL Continuous Service Improvement Readiness Assessment
Detailed Continuous Service Improvement Assessment areas
Alongside the delivery of consistent, repeatable process activities as part of service quality, ITIL has always emphasized the importance of continual improvements. Focusing on the process elements involved in identifying and introducing service management improvements, this also deals with issues surrounding service retirement. Includes:
* Business and technology drivers for improvement
* Justification
* Business, financial and organizational improvements
* Methods, practices and tools
* Companion best practices

Decades of Experience

The veteran team at The Art of Service has spent years in the trenches working with thousands of IT organizations such as yours. They know what works and what doesn't. This knowledge will save you countless hours of hard work and frustration.

All Inclusive!

Included in the ITIL V3 Readiness Assessment is a monthly subscription which provides you with continuing and periodic updates. A continually maintained and updated product, new Documentation and technical support are all included in the subscription.

The attractive payment schedule with manageable installments allows for easy budgeting. You can cancel the subscription at ANY time.

Order The Complete ITIL V3 Readiness Assessments now!


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